Promising New Study Shows ArterosilHP® Increases Arterial Elasticity by 89.6%


This article is an update to the previously published article entitled:  Maintaining the Integrity of and Repairing the Glycocalyx: The Endothelial Gatekeeper.

Restoring the endothelial glycocalyx is an important strategy in supporting arterial health and preventing cardiovascular disease.  A very important supplement that helps to restore the endothelial glycocalyx is Arterosil®.

A new single blinded clinical study, which was conducted at an independent cardiology center on the Baylor Medical Campus in Plano, Texas, assessed Arterosil’s effects on arterial elasticity and vascular function, using pulse wave analysis. 

A pulse wave is when the heart pumps and pushes out blood. When the heart pumps it generates a pulse wave which is a contour wave that travels along the arterial tree. The wave form is generated from the left ventricular chamber of the heart to the big aorta, and is reflected back when the big aorta bifurcates or divides into two arteries.

In this important study, ArterosilHP was used which is the high potency version of Arterosil. The study showed that ArterosilHP improves four aspects of vascular function:

  • Arterial Elasticity: 89.6% average improvement (78.9% of subjects experienced an increase)
  • Wave Type: 48.4% average improvement (84.2% of subjects experienced an increase)
  • Total Power: 37.8% average improvement (84.2% of subjects experienced an increase)
  • Stress Resistance: 133.3% average improvement (89.5% of subjects experienced an increase)

Source:  Arterosil®

Nineteen healthy human subjects (11 females age 22 to 64 and 8 males age 30 to 60) were randomly recruited for the study.  The baseline reading was taken at approximately 2 hours (+/- 30 minutes) post consumption of a breakfast of their choice. Immediately after the baseline reading one capsule of ArterosilHP was swallowed. A post-dose Max Pulse reading was taken every 30 minutes for 3 hours, for a total of 7 Max Pulse readings (baseline, 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min, 150 min & 180 min +/- 5 minutes). No food or liquid (other than small amounts of water as needed) was consumed during the 3 hour testing period.

During each of the 7 tests for each subject the follow data were collected:

  • Percentage of Type 1 Wave Forms
  • Arterial Elasticity
  • Stress Resistance
  • Frequency Domain Power

The current clinical study demonstrates that ArterosilHP supports arterial health by rapidly improving the body’s percentage of type 1 wave forms, arterial elasticity, stress resistance and frequency domain power.

 Arterosil® comes in two (2) product versions:
  • Arterosil® has been shown to support a healthy endothelial glycocalyx, the inner lining of every blood vessel in the human body.
  • ArterosilHP® is the high potency version of Arterosil with twice the active ingredients per capsule.  

Arterosil Helps to Strengthen The Glycocalyx


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