Natural Anticoagulant Regimen from Dr. Phillip Lee Miller


Dr. Philip Lee Miller, MD is the Founder, Medical Director and CEO of California Age Management Institute.  He has been in medical practice for over 43 years.

He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1968 (Centennial ) with a degree in Biochemistry.  In 1972 he graduated from the School of Medicine at UC San Diego with an MD degree.  This was the school’s first (charter) graduating class.  There was further training in Neurology at UC Davis.  He was ABEM Board Certified in Emergency and is currently a Diplomat of the ABAAM Board.

Dr. Miller has become a recognized leader in anti aging and integrative medicine.

Dr. Miller has written a very interesting four-part series on a natural anticoagulant regimen on his antiaging blog.

The four articles include:

Coagulation Stroke Heart Attack Part 1

Coagulation Heart Attack and Stroke – Part 2

AntiPlatelet AntiCoagulant Drugs

Anticoagulant Natural Alternative

Dr. Miller’s has identified five powerful natural anticoagulants.  They include the following:

  • Nattokinase — 100 mg (2000 FU) twice daily
  • Ginkgo biloba — 120 mg daily
  • High-dose fish oils — 1 tablespoon (10 grams) daily
  • Vitamin E — 400-800 units of mixed tocopherols daily
  • Adequate hydration — many glasses of pure water daily