Lithium Orotate


Lithium is a chemical element with symbol Li and atomic number 3.

Lithium compounds are used as a psychiatric medication. A number of salts of lithium are used as mood-stabilizing drugs, primarily in the treatment of bipolar disorder, where they have a role in treating depression and, particularly, of mania, both acutely and in the long term.

Lithium carbonate is the most commonly prescribed, while lithium citrate is also used in conventional pharmacological treatments. Lithium orotate , has been presented as an alternative based on the studies by Hans Nieper, M.D. [1]

A very interesting article on lithium orotate has been written by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright M.D. In this two part article, Dr. Wright provides excellent evidence for the everyday use of lithium orotate for overall neurological health.

Lithium – The Misunderstood Mineral Part 1

Lithium – The Misunderstood Mineral Part 2


[1] Nieper HA (1973). “The clinical applications of lithium orotate. A two years study”. Agressologie. 14 (6): 407–11. PMID 4607169

Informational References:

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD – Tahoma Clinic


Lithium Orotate – Advanced Research/Nutrient Carriers

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