Innovative preparation of curcumin for improved oral bioavailability


Theravalues Corporation in Japan has developed a highly bio-available form of curcumin.

Read the Abstract from the published study:

“Curcumin is a polyphenol that is commonly used for its perceived health benefits. However, the absorption efficacy of curcumin is too low to exhibit beneficial effects. We have successfully developed a highly absorptive curcumin dispersed with colloidal nano-particles, and named it THERACURMIN. The absorption efficacy of THERACURMIN was investigated and compared with that of curcumin powder.

The area under the blood concentration-time curve (AUC) after the oral administration of THERACURMIN was found to be more than 40-fold higher than that of curcumin powder in rats. Then, healthy human volunteers were administered orally 30 mg of THERACURMIN or curcumin powder. The AUC of THERACURMIN was 27-fold higher than that of curcumin powder. In addition, THERACURMIN exhibited an inhibitory action against alcohol intoxication after drinking in humans, as evidenced by the reduced acetaldehyde concentration of the blood.

These findings demonstrate that THERACURMIN shows a much higher bioavailability than currently available preparations. Thus, THERACURMIN may be useful to exert clinical benefits in humans at a lower dosage.”


Source: Theravalues Corporation


Sasaki H, et al., Innovative preparation of curcumin for improved oral bioavailability, Biol Pharm Bull. 2011;34(5):660-5. Theravalues Corporation, Tokyo 102–0094, Japan

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Theravalues Corporation

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