Food, Herbs and Spices that Counteract Specific Free Radicals


A free radical is a molecule that has lost an electron and is therefore “unpaired”. The “unpaired” molecule “steals” the missing Electron from any nearby molecule leading to the creation of more free radicals and initiating a subsequent chain reaction.

There are a number of recognized free radicals, each having there own function in the body:

  • Alkoxyl Free Radicals
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Free Radicals
  • Hydroxyl Free Radicals
  • Peroxyl Free Radicals
  • Peroxynitrite Free Radicals
  • Phenoxyl Free Radicals
  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Free Radicals
  • Semiquinone Free Radicals
  • Singlet Oxygen Free Radicals
  • Sulfoxide Free Radicals
  • Superoxide Free Radicals
  • Tocopheroxyl Free Radicals

There are various food, herbs and spices that are recognized and studied for their ability to counteract these specific free radicals.

Download the Table below for a list of the Foods, Herbs and Spices that are known to counteract specific free radicals.

Download PDF:  BioFoundations Table of Foods, Herbs and Spices that Counteract Specific Free Radicals

Note: PDF files require a viewer such as the free Adobe Reader

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